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Africa isn’t usually where people think of when they hear “shipping container construction”, but there is increasing interest and activity here. We’ve heard movement on possible developments using containers in several countries like Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, and others. We’ve also seen some ambitious container offices in Africa that are already built and operating.

As of now, most shipping container rentals we’ve found are concentrated in the countries of South Africa and Uganda. If you live in Africa or find yourself traveling there, we’d encourage you to explore some of these unique container housing options. There is a ton of entrepreneurial opportunity in Africa across many channels including shipping container construction, and we’re excited to see this list grow.  And don’t forget about South American container rentals, which in many cases are built in similar geographies and have their own unique take on design!

Note: If our list is missing a great shipping container rental, Contact Us and let us know where it is and how to contact the owners or book it online!

In the map, private homes use a ‘home’ icon, while hostels and hotels use an ‘H’ icon

Ready for one of your own?

Looking for more details on what it takes to acquire, own, and operate a container home rental? Here are a few great examples from previous interviews we’ve conducted:

Asher used a surplus shipping container from her non-profit in Uganda to build a home that does double-duty as a rental and family residence, depending on the time of year. Shelley persevered through setbacks and months of hard work to create a cool multi-level container rental in South Africa.

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