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Almost all shipping containers are manufactured in Asia, so it’s no wonder that Asian countries are trailblazers in shipping container architecture. Countries like Vietnam, Thailand, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines have proven to be hotbeds of innovative container construction. Interestingly enough, we’ve seen more container hotels and hostels in Asia than in other regions of the world. Even if you’re not typically interested in these types of rentals, by their nature they employ several containers and the designs we’re seeing are jaw-dropping.

We’ve also noticed that due to the tropical climate that envelopes much of South and Southeast Asia, condensation is less of an issue and insulation is rarely used. If you happen to notice this detail, understand that it may not be a good idea to copy it for a container project in your own country. However, we DO recommend visiting some of these wonderful container rentals when you get the chance.  And if you’re looking for other rentals with a similar climate, check out our list of Container Rentals in Africa and nearby Oceania as well.

Note: If our list is missing a great shipping container rental, Contact Us and let us know where it is and how to contact the owners or book it online!

In the map, private homes use a ‘home’ icon, while hostels and hotels use an ‘H’ icon

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