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Europe is home to some of the largest shipping container construction projects we’ve seen. For instance, there are a number of European student housing developments that are based on shipping containers, along with other commercial uses. When it comes to renting shipping container houses, hotels, and hostels, Europe is also a leader. It’s exciting to share some of the great rentals we’ve found in places like the UK, Spain, Denmark, Germany, and others.

Take the time to visit some of these inspiring buildings and you’ll not only have a fun adventure but you’ll also hopefully leave with a renewed excitement for container construction and architecture.  And if for some reason you don’t find what you’re looking for in Europe, we’ve seen several European architects in involved in projects in Asia and North America, so feel free to expand your search!

Note: If our list is missing a great shipping container rental, Contact Us and let us know where it is and how to contact the owners or book it online!

In the map, private homes use a ‘home’ icon, while hostels and hotels use an ‘H’ icon

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