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Given that shipping containers are a relative newcomer to the building world, it's understandable that you might not know everything about them and their potential. Our intent here is to show why you should seriously consider using shipping containers for your next construction project, and then show you some incredible examples of what can be made with them!


Shipping containers are obviously a popular construction material, but why? What exactly can they do, and how are they better than other alternatives?

And what about the drawbacks? There have to be some, right?

We've written our fundamentals articles to answer all of the questions and more. Start with 14 Things You Need To Know About Building With Shipping Containers to get the complete overview.

Or, jump into any of the detailed articles below if you already know what area you want to study in depth:

We also have an amazing infographic that highlights some pretty cool container knowledge in a fun, visual way. Check it out here: 20 Ways the Shipping Container Took Over the World


We're extremely proud of our Visit tool, which displays container rental listings we've found from around the world. The tool includes both hotels and hostels, as well as containers homes, all of which are available for short term rental. Oh, and did we mention there are over 200 listings across dozens of countries!?

Case Studies

In our case studies, we share more information about some of the specific container creations we've found. When possible, we even try to speak with the owner or designer. 

Our comprehensive case studies show some of our favorite ways shipping containers are being utilized:

Our individual case studies do a deeper dive into a single building highlighting more of the design and construction details you want to see. A few of our favorites include:

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