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Introducing the New Shipping Container Home Plans Package

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Want to build your own shipping container home? Start Here.

We are proud to say that we continue to help thousands of shipping container home enthusiasts each year.   We believe that this is because we remain focused on our primary goals:

  1. Increase the awareness of shipping container homes.
  2. Be the leading resource for all shipping container homes information, including construction, planning or simply advice on living or working in one.

We love that we hear from you, whether commenting or asking questions or making requests.    Thank you for all of your input.  We do make a sincere effort to listen and incorporate your ideas into our overall strategy.

Many enjoyed the guide How to Build a Shipping Container Home: The Complete Guide and the original pack of 20 floor plans.  Since that time, we have been overwhelmed by the number of people asking us to develop more shipping container floor plans with more designs, more styles, and more ideas!

Everyone who supports us and the Shipping Container Home movement, thank you!  If it wasn’t for you, we definitely wouldn’t have created this new resource.

You are the ones who emailed us and supported us throughout the whole process, so, again, thank you.  And, even if you didn’t email us but only occasionally visit the website, thank you, too!

All of you help to make Container Home Plans the best online community for shipping container homes.

The New Shipping Container Home Plans Package

Shipping Container Home Plans Package

Our team has been working diligently to develop even more floor plans.  We are proud to supplement the original 20 plans with an additional 30 designs, for a total of 50!

We originally wanted to produce 10 new plans, but once we got started, people requested all different sorts of styles, so we have ended up with 30 completely new designs.

We’ve included a list of common questions and answers below:

How is this different from the original plans package?

The original plans package contained 20 shipping container home plans.  After listening to you, our customers, the consensus was that you wanted more floor plans, more designs, and more styles.

This package contains the original 20, plus 30 brand new shipping container home floor plans.  We’ve tried to consider all the feedback we received and create designs which will cater to many.

How many plans are there in the package?

There are now a total of 50 plans in the package.   This collection of plans includes the twenty original plans plus an additional thirty completely new designs.   Each plan comes with a floor plan, front elevation, and side elevation.  That makes a total of over 150 scaled drawings.

How big are the homes in the plans?

The plans range from small one bedroom, tiny homes all the way through large five bedroom family homes.

What format are the plans in?

The plans are published as a PDF file.  We decided to use PDF because it allows us to maintain the image quality of the plans.

Do any of the plans feature container homes which have multiple floors?

Yes, several of the designs have two floors which is perfect for people wanting to build a shipping container home for their family.

Our team has worked extremely hard to deliver this new package to you.  We are proud of the work and are happy to introduce this new collection  Shipping Container Home Plans Package to you.  Check them out now!