North America Rentals


North America (including the United States, Canada, Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean Sea) has the highest number of shipping container home rentals of any of our regions.  Hotels and hostels aren’t quite as popular here as in other locations, but there is an increasing trend of ordinary people buying or building container homes of their own to rent out.  Note that the Central American part of Latin America is included here, extending all the way down to Panama.  For Latin American countries south of Panama, please check out South America Rentals.

If you haven’t seen a container home in person yet, you owe to yourself to take a visit.  Maybe it’s a quick weekend trip to one within driving distance.  Or maybe you combine a shipping container stay with a vacation you’re already planning.  Either way, the best way to get a better understanding of container homes (and a feel for if they might be right for you) is to actually step inside one and spend some time there.

Note: If our list is missing a great shipping container rental, Contact Us and let us know where it is and how to contact the owners or book it online!

In the map, private homes use a ‘home’ icon, while hostels and hotels use an ‘H’ icon

Ready for one of your own?

Looking for more details on what it takes to acquire, own, and operate a container home rental? Here are a few great examples from previous interviews we’ve conducted:

Rick built a beautiful, multi-container rental on his scenic property in Florida. David purchased a used container home and has been successfully renting it out in urban Dallas. Mel found success renting several container cabins on a tropical, Caribbean island. Ryann had a business-first mindset and had a bank loan her the money to fund her container home rental unit in Ohio.

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