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Oceania isn’t a term a lot of people outside the area may have heard, but you’re probably familiar with what it includes. It’s a region that encompasses Australia, New Zealand, some nearby islands, as well as some distant archipelagos and islands further out into the Pacific Ocean.

Given Oceania’s proximity to Asia, it’s logical that there is quite a bit of shipping container development here. While most container rentals are in Australia (by far, the region’s largest landmass and most populated area), we’ve found some interesting options elsewhere as well. Overall, the shipping container rentals available here trend toward individual homes and houses instead of hotels and hostels. So if you’re considering a container building of your own, there are some great ideas to be found here.

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In the map, private homes use a ‘home’ icon, while hostels and hotels use an ‘H’ icon

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Looking for more details on what it takes to acquire, own, and operate a container home rental? Here is a great example from a previous interview we’ve conducted:

Saffy has achieved a new level of financial freedom with her picturesque container home rental and didn’t even let a pregnancy sidetrack her project progress.

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