South America Rentals


South America is anchored by Portuguese-speaking Brazil as well as Spanish-speaking countries like Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay. We’ve seen an uptick in container-based building there, including both dwellings and some interesting shipping container offices. Several countries in this region have a strong European influence as well, which also influences the contain architecture you’ll find.

If you’re planning a visit to this part of the world, it’s worth exploring some of the great shipping container homes, hotels, and hostels we’ve uncovered here. The designs here are often as bold as the colors the region is known for, and you might find an interesting idea that you hadn’t considered for your own container home. A short stay will also inform your choice of whether a shipping container home is the right choice for your situation.

Note: If our list is missing a great shipping container rental, Contact Us and let us know where it is and how to contact the owners or book it online!

In the map, private homes use a ‘home’ icon, while hostels and hotels use an ‘H’ icon

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