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Container Homes are Awesome

If you've read through the Fundamentals section of the website, you know that containers are strong, flexible, sustainable, unique, and affordable. You've seen the inspiring projects that others have built. Now it's your turn.

Getting Started is Overwhelming

Whether you want to do-it-yourself or hire a builder, there is a lot to consider with a container home project. You may have already searched for help online and found a mix of low-quality and contradictory information. These days, anyone can put together a website, and social media is full of well-meaning people with bad advice.  

We're Here to Help

We've been in business over four years and have over 4000 satisfied customers. With the help of our resources you’ll have the confidence and know-how to build or buy your own shipping container home.

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The information you need to know about building container homes


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The Plans

50 different professional container home designs to inspire you



The Guide

The information you need to know about building container homes

  • What is included
  • Who this is for
  • faq's

Included in the Guide are:

  • Recommendations on the types of foundations best suited for your build
  • Instructions on how to correctly prepare your site for the delivery of your containers
  • Information on how to properly insulate your container so you stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and avoid huge energy bills
  • Advice on walls, doors, roofs, and other container home features 
  • End of chapter checklists to help keep your planning/building on track
  • An example budget with pricing breakdowns
  • 98 Pages of content including numerous tables, graphics, and illustrations

To see two Sample Chapters from The Guide, click the button below:


The Plans

50 different professional container home designs to inspire you

  • What is included
  • Who this is for
  • faq's

Included in the Plans are:

  • An assortment of designs for 50 different shipping container homes, ranging in size from one to five bedrooms
  • Example furniture placements in each plan to give perspective and further interior design inspiration
  • Professionally-made CAD drawings given to you in PDF format for easy viewing
  • Front and side elevations, floor plan, room sizes, and list of required shipping containers for reach design
  • Plan sheets that are correctly scaled and printable on 11 in × 17 in  paper

To see a complete example plan and get specifications on the 50 plans included, click the button below:

Note that these are "study plans", meaning that they are intended to help you study the individual designs and better understand how to approach space usage and overall form.  The plans lack the detail typically needed for construction, which would normally be added later to suit the peculiarities of your location, regulations, and personal preferences.

About Discover Containers

Hi there! We created Discover Containers over four years ago (prior to 2018, we were known as Container Home Plans) because of our love for the unique building styles available through shipping containers.

Thanks to our passion for and knowledge of container homes, we’re honored to be able to serve you and the wider container home community. We know what it takes to build a shipping container home and would love to help on your ownership journey too!

Our team has is always working hard to bring you the best information, through research, interviews, and hard-earned experience. What we’ve assembled are the most thorough and detailed resources you’ll find.


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