Work With Us

Discover Containers is an incredible community of shipping container house and construction enthusiasts around the world.  We love connecting with like-minded individuals, companies, and media entities interested in sharing the opportunity that shipping container buildings offer.

If you haven’t already, read our About Page to learn more about the history and mission of Discover Containers and our owner Aaron.

Audience Information

  • Our audience includes DIYers, design & construction professionals, alternative living enthusiasts, the architecturally curious, and others…
  • Email Subscribers: 10K+
  • Facebook Followers: 10K+
  • Instagram Followers: 60K+
  • Pinterest Monthly Viewers: 200K+
  • Website Monthly Pageviews: 50K+

Visitor Submissions

If you’re an individual with a shipping container home that you bought or built yourself, we’d love to feature some pictures of your house on our social media channels.  If your story is especially unique or insightful, we might even discuss doing an interview with you.  This is a great way to gain exposure for your unique project and hard work while connecting with others that have the same interest, all at no cost to you. 


Aaron is available for print, audio, and video interviews as well as other opportunities to work and share with media brands that are a good fit for the Discover Container audience.

Affiliate Partners

We have an affiliate program that allows you to sell our products to your own audience and share in a percentage of the revenue from any sales you generate. This offers unlimited upside to you with almost no work and helps spread the great news about shipping container construction to a wider audience.


If you are a company with a commercial offering related to shipping container homes and the people that build and live in them, we can share your product, service, or event with our audience and gets you tons of exposure! Examples include website advertisements, social media sponsored posts, and more.

We reserve the right to only feature those things that we believe will be effective and helpful to our audience.

We do not accept ‘guest posts’ or allows others to write for Discover Containers.

Pricing depends on a variety of factors. We’ll be happy to discuss potential pricing after we understand your brand and business needs better.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in moving forward with any of the options discussed on this page, please Contact Us and let us know more!