Ever wanted to not just look at pictures, not just drive past, but actually STAY in a shipping container?  If so, you're probably realized something...shipping container rentals are hard to find.

We realized people were looking for a place that aggregated container home rentals from all possible sources, but nothing we built it.

With over 200 rentals across six continents (Sorry, no shipping container homes in Antarctica yet), you're sure to find one near where you live or where you'd like to go.

Click below to view each continental region, where you'll see an interactive, zoom-able map that will allow you to find rentals in the areas you're most interested in!

We've got listings from Airbnb,, and others, along with private websites run by the hosts themselves.  Our effort to collect and organize this information over months has resulted in what is by far the most expansive listing of shipping container house rentals online.  

The list includes private homes, hotels, and hostels...all made from one or more shipping containers. Some are huge, some are tiny.  Some are luxurious, some are basic.  What they all have in common is the core building block of shipping containers.

There are a number of reasons why you might interested in the short term rental of a shipping container house, hotel, or hostel.  

Perhaps you're just looking for a unique getaway in a place (geographically AND architecturally speaking) that is out of the ordinary.  Maybe you're interested in a container home but want to actually see one in person before you commit (which we highly recommend!).  Or are you looking for in-person design inspiration from those who have gone before you and already created a container home?

Regardless of what brought you here, we're excited about your interest in renting shipping container homes and look forward to helping you with this incredible resource.

"SVG locator maps of continents (globe location map scheme)" is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 / Colors and boundaries edited from original