Furnish & Equip

The Furnish & Equip section of the website provides information about ways to improve the appearance and functionality of a container home or building. Even a completed container house can lack a few details that prevent you from truly calling it a home. Below are a few of the areas in which you can focus your efforts.


Many people are initially attracted to shipping container construction for sustainability reasons. Reusing old containers is a great way to upcycle what would otherwise just be a form of industrial waste.

But even after committing to building a home with containers, there are still opportunities to make additional green choices. Our article, 15 Ways To Make Your Container Home More Eco-Friendly, covers several great ways to continue on the path of sustainability.


Shipping containers have a reputation for being strong and secure, and rightly so due to their durable steel construction. However, they aren’t impenetrable, and modifications like doors and windows can make them more susceptible to uninvited guests.

To address the need to maintain and improve the inherent protection given by shipping containers, we wrote our exhaustive article on Container Home Locks and Security. We cover everything from window coverings to remotely monitored cameras, and it’s a must-read for container owners.

Whether you own a remote container cabin that’s only visited infrequently, or a shipping container full of tools and equipment at your building site, this article will be useful.


While not always the case, many container homes are part of the tiny home movement. It’s a chance for the owners to scale back on their accumulation of ‘stuff’ and work toward minimalizing their lives.

Part of downsizing into a smaller space is finding a place to store the possessions that you elect to keep. In Space Saving Ideas for Your Shipping Container Home, we address how to make a smaller space ‘feel’ larger and while accommodating all of your needs and requirements.

Interior Design

A huge part of the livability of a home is based on what you put inside. Things like furniture, window and wall coverings, and even small accessories can really transform how a space feels.

In response to this need, we’ve began creating articles that address topics like sectional couches for narrow rooms, optimal bedroom designs, and best practices for maximizing container home interiors.


The physical extents of a shipping container in many ways define what you can do with, but there are exceptions. Thanks to their design as cargo boxes, shipping containers have a number of standardized internal and external attachment points.

In order to highlight some of the unique ways these connection areas can be used, we wrote Shipping Container Accessory Attachments. Inside, we touch on wheels, shelving, and even customizable anchor points.

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