Excited about shipping container homes and buildings, but still have a lot of questions about how to turn a dream into reality? Our Learn section is full of informative articles that explain everything from idea to execution.

We’re here to help you learn more about shipping container buildings across the three phases of your project.


If you’re fairly new to the idea of building with shipping containers, this is where to start. Our Fundamentals section covers general information about the origin story of shipping containers, as well as what specific qualities make them advantageous for construction projects.

We actually dive into each of the positive qualities of containers (attributes like strength, flexibility, etc.) with individual articles to ensure that each subject is covered in depth. But we we’re quick to point our the shortcoming of containers as well, spelling out the the situations in which you are better off pursuing another type of building.

A few of our most popular Fundamentals articles include (Or click the button below to view the entire section):

Case Studies

As you start to become more interested in shipping container construction, a natural next step is a desire to see examples of what can be built with them. This is why our Case Studies section is so useful.

When you realize just how many imaginative shipping container creations are out there, you’re going to be surprised. Far from just single family houses, containers can be used to build all types of buildings and structures. And even in the subset of residences, there are numerous varieties like off-grid homes, apartments, and cabins.

Some of our case studies profile individual homeowners and their personal container project. Other case studies take a broader view, and showcase several examples of a specific type of container building. Both case study types are incredibly valuable as you seek inspiration for a possible container project of your own.

A few of our most popular Case Studies article include (or click the button below to view the entire section):

Plan & Budget

Every project starts out as just a simple idea. It takes thoughtful planning, good organization, and (of course) money to move a project out of the idea stage and into something tangible. 

The tools, techniques, and recommendations we present here may not be the most exciting parts of a shipping container build, but they are some of the most important ones.

A few of our most popular Plan & Budget articles include (or click the button below to view the entire section):

Design & Build

This section is really the ‘meat and potatoes’ of your knowledge-building. When most people think of the challenges and opportunities that go along with using shipping containers for construction, they’re thinking about the issues we’ll cover in this section. 

Coming up with designs and understanding the compromises between them is a start. Then, figuring out how to navigate the choices that present themselves during the actual construction is a whole new set of challenges. Luckily, we’re here to help!

A few of our most popular Design & Build articles include (or click the button below to view the entire section):

Furnish & Equip

Even a fully built container house can temporarily lack a few details that prevent you from truly calling it a home. From hardware, fixtures, and appliances to interior design, organizational tips, and even landscaping, there are many items that go beyond simply getting a structure built.

A few of our most popular Furnish & Equip articles include (or click the button below to view the entire section):

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